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Sunday, June 03, 2007

May You Never Be One

“A bore is someone who has no small talk.” ~ Sir Alexander Korda

Take it from Guy Kawasaki:

Too many of us think that we must be talking the important, deep stuff and consider small talk to be trivial. Wrong. Small talk is how we learn about our common interests, experiences and connections. Once you find the guy who also wears Jerry Garcia ties or kindred deep dish pizza aficionado or The Daily Show/Jon Stewart fan or the local senior league hockey player, conversation flows. Remember the last time you met a person who decided to get right into the “big” talk about famine, disease, war, poverty while you had a beverage in one hand and a mini taco in the other? Now that’s a bore.

Somehow, I feel better after having written this earlier this week.

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benjiedlp said...

i'm afraid i've turned into one, chim.

I'm very bad at small talk now.


Mayang said...

Maybe you just haven't encountered someone worthy of your small talk.

Wanting to get into a conversation is a bit like chivalry: it's not dead, it's merely choosy.

(Of course like anything, there are exceptions)

We look for that connection. I will admit that they are few and far between. But what a gem it is to encounter, heh?


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