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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Not My Day

I am feeling totally inept.

I bought one of those popsicle thingamagigs from Ikea recently and excitedly bought chocolate milk, poured its creamy goodness into the containers and went about the busy-ness of my life.

So tonight, after a dinner of a bag of potato chips, I thawed the lovelies while I took a warm shower. When I was all clean and bright, fresh and scrubbed, washed and laundered, I went straight to the kitchen to gorge on my happy ending to this hectic work day.

What followed was a battle of strength and stamina between me and the popsicle container. Could Mayang lodge the dang things out of their molds? Or would they hold on to dear life?

After what seemed like forever (which in Mayangland is probably a mere two minutes) - at least long enough for me to start perspiring again from the struggle while I wondered if my shower was all for naught - I gave up the fight. "Rats," I muttered as I shoved them right back into the freezer drawer.

Geez. This day just keeps getting better heh? I will spare you the gory details of my day. Suffice it to say that this popsicle fiasco is right-smack-dab in tune with the soundtrack of my things-are-not-going-to-go-my-way day.

And I'm still hankering for my chocolate popsicle, dang it.

(Photo credit: you can count on me)


benjiedlp said...

hey chim,

if that's one of those silicone ice molds - run warm water on the outside. it should loosen its grip pretty quickly.


Mayang said...

Hey Zippy,

I did after a bit, then the whole stick thing loosened while the "popsicle" remained in the mold.

I'll get the hang of it, don't worry. But I'm giving up tonight.

I just thought it was just a perfect ending to the kind of day I had.

bluggerbug said...

a few seconds in the microwave might do the trick.

a few seconds, my friend, okay. you don't want to be lickin' a "plasticle".

Mayang said...

Haha! If I do get a plasticle, I wouldn't be surprised! :-) Thanks bluggerbug!

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