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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Like Singing This Song

The title is "Home" and it's from the musical "The Wiz."

I started thinking about songs I love when FF and I were talking music over dinner this evening and this one popped into my head when I got to my flat.

Mind you, I don't sing it well but I like it enough to make the effort.

It has wonderful lyrics, this song. About longing for a place called home. Which got my runaway train of thought to a different question: Do I ever get homesick still?

And the surprising answer is yes I still do get homesick even after all these years. But it comes in spurts but it's no longer jarring. It's a muted kind of homesickness that sneaks up at you and wraps its arms around you and if you're tired enough you just submit to it for while.

I can never predict when it'll visit. But when it does, I percolate coffee and ask it to sit beside me and keep me company for a bit. And even if I feel slightly out of sorts, I know if I give in to it, inevitably, it will let me go.


When I think of home
I think of a place where there's love overflowing
I wish I was home
I wish I was back there with the things I've been knowing

Wind that makes the tall trees bend into leaning
Suddenly the raindrops that fall have a meaning
Sprinklin' the scene, makes it all clean

Maybe there's a chance for me to go back there
Now that I have some direction
It would sure be nice to be back home
Where there's love and affection
And just maybe I can convince time to slow up
Giving me enough time in my life to grow up
Time be my friend, let me start again

Suddenly my world has changed it's face
But I still know where I'm going
I have had my mind spun around in space
And yet I've watched it growing

If you're list'ning God
Please don't make it hard to know
If we should believe in the things that we see
Tell us, should we run away
Should we try and stay
Or would it be better just to let things be?

Living here, in this brand new world
Might be a fantasy
But it taught me to love
So it's real, real to me

And I've learned
That we must look inside our hearts
To find a world full of love
Like yours
Like mine
Like home

(Photo credit: Thamer Qatar)


Anonymous said...

ey rachel,

should do it again lah ! but far away from 7107, yeah ?

thanks for the prayers. appreciate it.


bluggerbug said...

this song has been playing on my head since yesterday:)

before that, hollerback girl made me crazy. a girl on the subway had that as a ringtone.

Mayang said...

ey FF,


(Mental note for Mayang: You don't need to answer every question FF throws your way!)


Really, you too? I tell you, we are in sync!

I can see you in my mind. You're on your way to work, leaning against a door, completing the crossword on the subway, gazing sideways to the chickie with the irritating ringtone.

Hey, safe travels yeah! You going home next month right?

bluggerbug said...

you got that right! and yes, i'm going home! can't wait but have 101 things to do before i leave.

deux will be heading to the US. will try to see her before she leaves.

any chance we can meet up back home?

Mayang said...

I'll let you know if I can swing by one weekend in July! Work schedule's horrific so can't promise but I so want to, Bluggerbug!

Safe travels and big hug to your wacky family I love so much yeah.

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