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Friday, June 15, 2007

Gone Fishing

"Hi, this is Annie. I can't meet you this week because I'm off to Patagonia. I decided to go just today - I'll be in touch when I get back." ~ the outgoing phone message on Annie Whitehouse's machine

Weekend plans of some of my friends:

I have one who is launching his book this weekend about his bike ride from Singapore to Beijing. This is simply his latest feat. He's also gone to both the North Pole and the South Pole, climbed the seven summits of the world and reached the top of Everest twice, the second time sans oxygen. We call him lungless, so obvious reasons.

Another friend's off to Phuket this weekend for the triathlon. I think it's his first there, but he's participated in numerous marathons and biathlons although he's psyched for this one.

And what are my plans, you ask?

Well, I'm still mulling over attending the book launch. I have choir duty, an invite to get together with a friend and her daughter, Bible study, a meeting to discuss an anniversary and coffee with Piglet and her friend from Canada. I also plan to go to yoga and try to get back to exercising after I pulled my calf muscle last week.

When I put my weekend plans side-by-side to those two friends of mine, I can't help but ask "Where did Mayang go?" The Mayang who trekked mountains, went snorkeling, kayaked into caves, went on three-hour bike rides, rode elephants, ran a half-marathon and swam in the Aegean Sea? Can someone get the unencumbered version of myself back in the room please?

It's been too long.

It's never too late.

(Photo credit: Dru!)

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