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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Breaking and Entering

A few emails were exchanged in a couple of yahoogroups yesterday. First, a friend shared a news article which was actually written by a reporter friend of mine for the national daily about this local celebrity's home being burglarized. Then a choirmember shared a similar story that happened to him and his wife, except that it was written in jest as a way of letting people know about their minor ordeal.

Some details of the two stories were different, naturally, but the plot was the same.

Here's the clincher for me: the common denominator of the story was that in both instances, the front door was left unlocked.

Clearly, this is not breaking and entering. It is merely entering. So what is the lesson then?

It's not "Wow, can you believe that it happens here, in what is most probably the safest city on earth?"

The lesson is "Lock your door, duh."

But maybe I'm oversimplifying.

It's interesting though how living in this city state has made us feel like we're safe, so much so that we become versions of ourselves who are complacent and inattentive to these things we wouldn't be when we're back home.

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