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Monday, May 14, 2007

Time Flies

It's been a year since Piglet and I visited the Big Apple. Imagine that! Time really flies!

Miss ya Bluggerbug, Spongegirl and Tati Sophia. L and P who flew in from LA for that fun-filled weekend and Zippy, V and Babycakes T in Washington for making that trip so memorable.

A year ago! Such memories. We have to make plans to make new ones, yeah?

(Photo credit: gudmunda)


bluggerbug said...

I miss you too, Mai! Wish you and Piglet can visit us again soon!

Tati will be more than happy to cook salpicao and ginataang hipon for you guys.

Make plans na, bilis!

Mayang said...

Haha! You got me hungry!

We miss her wacky humor too, which only proves that that wickedness is hereditary! Wit-wise, she always keeps me on my toes and her food is excellente!

Let you know if a trip there is even remotely possible, Bluggerbug!

Miss you three!!

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