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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Geeks

Two of four of the geeks came for a holiday here in my neck of the woods over the weekend bringing with them wives and geeklings. Got to see them a total of three times - in between their touristy activities. I tell you, travelling with kids is so challenging. I'm tired just looking at them all at breakfast! It's a fun production number though, I enjoy being part of the play.

I love these geeks. And now that they are dads (and all have sons!) I love seeing them as dads. I love witnessing their banter with their kids. I love talking with their kids and having them tell me all about their day at the zoo. I love seeing them eat their vegetables and getting along with each other. I hope the geeklings themselves become close friends since their dads are all each other's best men at each of their weddings.

I suddenly remember the many times I went out of town with the geeks when we were in our 20s and in particular, I remember staying overnight at my uncle's place near the beach. The next morning we went to the beach and the geeks posed like ninja turtles. It was so funny! I still have the photos somewhere of that trip. I find myself wanting to show those photos to their sons who are ninja turtles and power rangers themselves. The fruit does not fall too far from the tree indeed!

I miss being surrounded by the geeks. I miss the vibe that we create around each other. How we can swing from laughing our heads off and an hour later share our worries and our hopes. I'm so happy that they're all happily married. I'm so proud that they're all wonderful dads. I'm particularly ecstatic about that, even if R is so totally neurotic about germs around his sons that he can single-handedly keep wet-ones in business!

(Photo credit: Island_Life)


benjiedlp said...

love, love, love this post, chim.

wish my geekling and I were there, too.

(and the geekling's mom, too, of course)

someday, eh?


Mayang said...

Yes, Zippy. Someday.

The twins remind me of T Babycakes somehow. It's the shape of their faces.

"Look Tita Mayang! Look how fast I vroom my toy car!" says G.

"Don't call me a baby, Tita Mayang, I'm not a baby anymore!" says M.

Sigh. Someday.

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