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Saturday, May 05, 2007

For Ros

You’ve moved out of here, but you’re not really settled there yet. It feels like you’ve left, but given that you’re always traveling, I can pretend you’re just in one of your work trips and that in a couple of weeks you’ll be swinging through here again and we can meet up for brunch.

Except that you don’t live here anymore.

You’re neither here nor there, and I find myself wishing you were here still. Even if it’s just an empty flat that’s walking distance from mine. Where your air purifier resides and your chimes hang waiting for the wind and your books are pressed together between bookends, busy gathering dust.

It hit me today that you’re no longer living here and I got teary eyed at the realization that you’ve moved. That we no longer share the same zipcode. Or grocery store. Or dermatologist.

You are now on the short list of reasons why I’d visit the land of the great toadzillas again. You are worth that risk to me.

I miss you babe. I even miss getting to each other’s nerves in the streets of Athens. Or our giddiness in trekking the hillsides of Santorini. Or gawking at the naked sun worshippers of Mykonos.

Come visit soon, ok?

(Photo credit: The Polstar*)


Ros said...

Wow, this is very sweet. Thank you for this space in your blog, Mai.
It won't be long and I'll be back in Singapore again. Surely we'll go check out new places to eat while we chill and take delight in each other's company. It has always been a pleasure having you and Piglet around. You're my family there!
Come visit me here sometime and bring Piglet along.

Mayang said...

Yes, I must put visiting you on my list! Safe travels and see you real soon, sweetie.

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