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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Choir

This is a shot of the Loboc Children's Choir. Don't let their unassuming smiles and scruffy demeanor fool you one bit. This is a choir that rocks. If God had a voice separate from that of Alanis Morissette's in "Dogma," (one of my favorite films of all time) She would sound like any member of this choir.

(Boy, did I set them up enough or what?)

I had the privilege of listening to this choir rehearse in Bohol almost exactly two years ago one hot sweltering summer afternoon. And for a rehearsaholic like me who enjoys the process so much more than the actual performance itself, it was a gift from God. I found myself on the balcony of the church, peeking at the choir from a corner, like I was seeing a vision and hesitating to make my presence known lest the angels disappear.

I write about choirs today because I continue to be a member of a choir and I realize that I've never waxed lyrical about it in this blog. Which may make it seem as if it's not an integral part of my life. And I want to make amends, because it is.

Our choir sang at Mass last night and being an alto sandwiched between the sopranos in front and the tenors and bass at the back, I could hear the voicing and I knew we were in the zone. The place where you lose yourself in song. It is so easy to get to that place if the words combined with the melody resonate with your spirit. Way above form and technique and syncopation came heart. And that makes all the difference.

Let us never forget this awesome gift. Allow us to use it for Your glory Lord. Not our glory, but always, always Yours.

God bless the choir.

(Photo credit: ilocano)


Anonymous said...

and sugar, i saw you dancing while singing last night. your heart is where it should be.


Mayang said...

What?! I thought you guys at the back were dancing too! Oh man! :-)

Anonymous said...


too enraptured by the wiggling.



Mayang said...

Haha! My flabs at work, babe! :-)

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