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Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Am a (Half) Marathoner

"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” ~ John Bingham

YES! Yoohoo!

Clocked in 21.1kms under 2 hours 40 minutes. Official times are out tomorrow.

I'm writing this while sitting on my sofa trying not to move so much cause my bum knee - the one that was acting up three months back - reared its ugly head in the last kilometers of the run. Actually, I think the pain started earlier but maybe God numbed me from it. He could tell you more about the run since I was talking to Him during most of it. And by the 19th kilometer I was running on nothing but His grace.

Before the run, I prayed for cloudy weather because the sun zaps my energy reserves fast. Aslan did not disappoint! I am so humbled by this gesture.

I had planned to pray while running because this run was for Jack and I wanted to make sure I remembered everyone who contributed to my run in whatever way possible. I prayed for my parents and the rest of my family, especially my nephew Papi who can run like the wind despite his girth. He inspires me to be a better runner. I prayed for my godson Teo and hoped I was making him proud to be his godmother (of course he's only a year old, but that was my thought). Mostly I went through the list of people who wrote their names on my pledge sheets. Those who felt compelled to (read: colleagues in the office) and those who surprised me with their generosity (you know who you are). I honestly could not have taken one step in front of the other without each of you. I am grateful beyond all telling. I pray for you all still.

I also prayed for those whom I approached and who decided not to pledge, especially those who are parents. My feeble mind thought it would be tons easier to solicit funds from parents because they're in a better position to empathize with Babette and Juni. That disappointed me at times, but I knew I needed to let that go and leave them with Christ. I do not know enough to judge them so I prayed for them too.

I also prayed for those who cheered from the sidelines. Your names are known only to God, but you can't imagine how you bouyed me on.

For those who read earlier posts on this blog about my running, you know that I initially had two physical goals for the half: (1) run throughout the distance and (2) finish. I can't really say that if you were there this morning you could describe how I was moving as running, but the point was not to stop and I didn't.

I couldn't help but tear up before the start and at the turn before the finish. Anyone who's tried to run long distance knows there is a point where it becomes difficult, where it's all in the head. That's somewhere in the middle of the run. But at the start and the finish, that's where it's all heart. And my heart was overflowing.

We did it Jack! Pass you the medal when we get together okie?

I'll post shots next time. Some friends took photos and I've asked them to email through to me. The shot that sports this entry is clearly not moi! The woman in the photo can probably run the full marathon in the same amount of time it took me to run the half!

(Photo credit: tychay)


Benjamin said...

congratulations chim! we are so proud of you!

Mayang said...

Thanks Zippy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mai - I thank the Lord for bringing you into our lives. You are a living angel in Jack's life!

I could not help but shed a tear when I read what you recently posted after the marathon. I know how you must have felt when you approached parents who were not that willing to make a pledge, yet you felt no bitterness nor resentment and instead asked Christ to just take care of them.
Clearly the love of Christ is evident in you.

I am sure God is looking down at you saying "Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness". (Matthew 25:23)

Thank you very much Mai for all your help. God will richly bless you for your kindness and for your servant heart.

Love in Christ,

Tita Rita (Grandma of Jack)

Mayang said...

Hi Tita Rita! What a welcome post. It's so wonderful to hear from Jack's grandma. It's like a big bear hug.

I can't wait to meet the little dynamite later this month! Hope to be able to meet you too one day yeah.

May His great love which is higher than the heavens envelop you and your lovely family always, Tita.

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