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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Whole Pizza

Yup, that's what I ate. Not now, mind you, a couple of weeks back when I was contemplating starting a blog of my own and my best friend Zippy and I were exchanging emails on what I would call it and I was contemplating calling it "unglued" because that seems to decribe much of the life inside my head, after which I lamented to him how disgusted I was to have just gorged down a whole pizza last night. And since "unglued" was taken, this site was officially christened "whole pizza" - even before I even started on it.

So there.

And since it took me quite a while to start on this, it's not rocket science to figure out I'm a bit of a procastinator. Ok, ok, I'm a lot of a procastinator. In fact, I'm writing my first entry at home on a Friday afternoon cause I'm too sick to go to work (that's what the doctor said this morning and I stand by it!). So you see, I didn't even make time to do this, I needed some stolen alone time to get me writing.

But it's a start. A slow one, sure. But a start.


Urbano dela Cruz said...

love the blog name. crusty. saucy. cheesy. high cholesterol. but always a hit.

Mayang said...

Haha - never thought of it that way!

Ogie said...

found it! found it! =D

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